“I Wish I Could Lose My Belly Fat As Easy As I Lose My Keys, Cell Phones Even My Mind!†It’s funny but it’s true. It’s so hard to lose the belly fat with our sedentary modern life – sitting in front of computer all day as the main way of working, conveniently driving around even driving through to get the meals without stepping out of the car, sitting on the couch after dinner swiping through your favorite show on Netflix to end our day. As I grew into my late 30s ( now I am mid 40s. Time flies I know:-( ), I felt it’s even harder to prevent the mid-life-spread. The slowing down metabolism, the busy life with family and kids, and the office gathering with sweet treats, all add up to our growing belly fat and more rounded body. We all know we need to be more active to stay healthy. But not all exercises are the same as far to reduce the belly fat. Of all the exercises I tried in the past 8 years, I feel yoga practice is the one significantly improved my overall strength, flexibility, and keep my belly FLAT.

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